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Kyabje Takna Rinpoche has just left us

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Kyabje Takna Rinpoche, who has been one of the most precious support of the Drukpa Lineage in Ladakh and the Ladakhi people. He was the main abbot of Takna (or Stakna) Gompa and several other monasteries in Zanskar and he has been guiding many beings on their spiritual path to enlightenment and liberation. For those of who did not have the fortune to make a connection with him, we hope to do so when he returns.

Kyabje Takna Rinpoche has not been well due to old age and therefore was not able to join us in the First ADC, however he sent his close attendant to represent him. Although he has temporarily left us, we are sure that he will return soon to continue to guide all beings.

For this reason, we take this opportunity to encourage everyone who has the time and resources to make an effort to join us in the next Annual Drukpa Council, where many of our precious masters will meet and share their wisdom and love and where many of our brothers and sisters will come together to support each other.

RESPECT & APPRECIATE WITH LOVE & UNDERSTANDING, the theme of the 2nd ADC, is truly appropriate for this epoch of confusion and fear. While we have lost a very precious master in our lineage, we still have the opportunity to meet many of them who are around. Before our own impermanence prevails, let us value all the opportunities to meet precious masters, receive their teachings and practice together, in benefit of ourselves and others.

May all the activities and blessings of the Great Ones pervade beyond space and time, and may we, the beings of ignorance, never be forgotten by these Great Ones, until we become enlightened.