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Welcome Back, Rinpoches

The last few years had seen two of the great yogis of our lineage leaving us. This year, the identity of one of them has just been confirmed and authenticated and the other one will be enthroned on 10th April 2010, during the 2nd ADC.

Welcome back, Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche (left) and Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche (right).

Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche

The previous Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche passed away in July 2007, due to deteriorating health and has returned as the youngest son of his own beloved nephew, Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche. His mother is a daughter of a revered reincarnate spiritual master from the Sakya tradition. A student of the late Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche has given us an interesting account of the child's birth.

We were told that at around the time of his birth, the government hospital in Yushu (Tib. Jyeku) was mysteriously on fire, everyone had to be evacuated from the hospital, except the mother in labor, the father (Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche) and the doctor. A young girl came into the chaotic labor room to offer flower to the new-born, saying "I am giving this flower to my brother." But no one could find the girl afterwards, she had mysteriously disappeared. The water in the offering bowl of the previous Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche's private room turned into milk. There were many other interesting accounts of the child's birth that we are not able to share with you until permission has been obtained.

The child was extremely close to his father, Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche and did not want anyone to carry him except his father. Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche was very close and dear to his uncle, the late Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche and he held the complete teaching the Drukpa Lineage passed down from his uncle.

The late Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche had left a prediction letter about his own birth before he passed away. But this carefully sealed letter could only be opened in the joint presence of the monastery's manager, Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche and Kyabje Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche. This karmic condition ripened on 6th March 2010, and in the 4-page long letter, Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche told every detail about his own rebirth. All the monks and nuns and every devotee who were present at the time when the letter was read cried with joy. The baby boy was taken to his predecessor's private residence to receive well-wishes from everyone. We were told that he behaved like an adult, although he was only less than 2 years old, and he blessed people with his feet. Whoever came to him trying to move him from his throne, he refused to go and instead blessed them with his small hands.

We are presently waiting for the video and photo footages of this very special occasion. Once we receive them, we will share them with the readers.

Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche

The previous Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche passed away in the spring of 2005, due to bad health. Not long after, he returned as the child of the granddaughter of one of his most generous benefactors. When he was about to pass away at the hospital, he put the hand of His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa on his crown and requested His Holiness to take care of him. Incidentally, his future grandfather also happened to be at the same hospital together with his future parents for medical reasons.

Not long after the child's birth, His Holiness requested students of the previous Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche to search for a child with specific characteristics, and this child was brought to His Holiness. We were told that he dragged his grandfather to the private sitting room of His Holiness, without having anyone tell him where His Holiness was, and it was the child's first time visiting His Holiness's private residence. It was mysterious how he knew the exact location of His Holiness's private sitting room.

We were told many other amazing details about the present Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche, however would like to verify them prior to sharing with the public. Meanwhile we would like to thank Ngawang Sodpa for sharing the following precious photos of the present Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche, who will be officially enthroned on 10th April 2010, during the 2nd ADC.

Here is a short clip showing Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche playing harmonica with Kunga, taken recently at Druk Amitabha Mountain: