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Annual Drukpa Council - Online Registration Form for 6th ADC

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4th ADC - Public Display of Precious Relics of the Drukpa Lineage

On the 5th Day of 4th ADC, 3 precious relics of the Drukpa Lineage were displayed to the public:

  1. Vajrasattva statue made personally by Guru Padmasambhava, in the heart of the statue, there is a Guru Padmasambhava statue which is said to move freely inside the Vajrasattva statue
  2. Phurba statue that is more than 400 years old, believed to grand enormous blessing by removing negative karma and obstacles
  3. the statue of Milarepa made personally by his own sister, with hair naturally grown on his head.

Due to the preciousness of the relics, photography and sharing of pictures of those relics were prohibited.

For more pictures of 5th day of the 4th ADC, please CLICK HERE.