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Annual Drukpa Council - Online Registration Form for 6th ADC

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Monasteries in Kinnaur

  • The list is in alphabetical order
  1. Dechen Choling, Spilo Village
  2. Do-Ngag Choling, Morang Village
  3. Druk Dechen Cho-dzong, Khadra Village
  4. Druk Dewachen, Maling Village
  5. Druk Do-Ngag Choling, Pooh Village
  6. Druk Gaden Choling, Rarang Village
  7. Druk Kalsang Choling, Rarang Village
  8. Druk Kargyud Choling, Lippa Village
  9. Druk Lhakhang Tashi Choling, Rarang Village
  10. Druk Samdrub Choling, Agpa Village
  11. Druk Samten Choling, Jangi Village
  12. Druk Shakyamuni Lhakhang, Namga Village
  13. Druk Tsuglag Khang, Nako Village
  14. Druk Tsuglag Khang, Toktok Village
  15. Gyalwa Gotshang Phug, Shaso Village
  16. Jangchub Choling, Labrang Village
  17. Ngaring Choling, Ropa Village
  18. Pel Ewam Chogar Ling, Nesang Village
  19. Sang-ngag Choling, Karlag Village
  20. Tashi Choling, Spilo Village